As Your Business Grows,
We've Got You Covered

At R&B Insurance Services, we specialize in saving employer's time, money, and
resources through our simple, yet customized work-site solutions. Voluntary
employee benefits, also known as supplemental benefits, have gained an increasing
popularity over the years. Voluntary insurance at the workplace that offers peace of
mind at affordable prices is highly valued by quality employees - increasing retention
and morale.

Employers are bombarded with representatives from multiple insurance companies.
How much time would it take to meet with multiple carrier representatives that all tell
you their company and products are the best in the market? Where do you start to
determine which options are relevant and best suited for you and your employees?

R&B Insurance Services works with all the major carriers in the voluntary benefits
industry and knows the strengths and weaknesses of each. We can customize an
unbiased benefit solution for you from the most appropriate provider at the best
possible price.

Why work with multiple insurance representatives for workplace benefits when you
can work with one company to remove all the guesswork, save precious time, money
and resources?

Here are some services that we provide:
  • Claims Advocacy:

                      Many families are living paycheck to paycheck. We work hard for our
                      policyholders, so they can receive their money as fast as possible from the
                      insurance companies. Policyholders rely on us the most at the time of a claim.
                      We file and facilitate claims. We seek out in advanced any issues that may delay
                      a claimant on receiving their benefits.

  • Dedicated Account Managers:

                      Each R&B client is assigned a dedicated account manager to become a liaison to
                      the insurance carrier on your behalf. We spend our time on the details so you don't
                      have to. Our account support team is standing by to assist Human Resources,
                      billing and payable departments.

  • Premium Billing & Reconciliation:

                      Many clients are referred to us because of billing issues that have had in the past.
                      If it needs to be fixed, we fix it. If is needs to be changed, we change it. If you are
                      not sure how it all works together, we explain it.

  • Policyholder Changes:

                      Policy changes throughout the year have the potential to disrupt the flow of
                      administration. We bundle each change for you with the proper documentation
                      so you know the changes are completed accurately.
R&B Difference:
  • Employee Claims Assistance
  • Conduct Group and Individual Educational
  • Enrollment Summary Data consolidation
  • New Employee Enrollment and Orientation
  • Annual Review and Re-Enrollment Services
  • Team of Experienced Individuals
  • Pre-enrollment Communication
  • Post-enrollment Communication
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Custom Voluntary Employee Benefits Plan Design
  • Analysis of Existing Voluntary Employee Benefits
    Plan Design
  • Solely Dedicated to Voluntary Employee Benefits
    and Enrollment Services
  • Focus on Care for the Client
  • Total Core and Voluntary Employee Benefits
  • One Contact for All Voluntary Employee Benefits